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I stumbled upon a recent interview from black former adult film star, Heather Hunter and I was so impressed at how she has evolved.

Now at the age of 46, and an accomplished artist turned photographer, check out her interview with Vlad TV as she explains how she got involved in porn, racism she faced in the business, and the moment she decided to retire for good.

On racism in the porn industry:

“Everything was very much segregated, I think I was one of the first to launch the interracial, to make it to the point to where they saw revenue. I stood up for a lot of things that other actresses before me didn’t think they could…I wasnt gonna be portrayed as “black this” I just wanted to be portrayed as Heather.”

On what made her want to retire:

“I was 24, I only worked for like 2 months…After I cleared taxes, I realized it wasn’t worth it. Porn was becoming action adventure porn, like the more you could do, the most nastiest stuff you can do, the more you could win. Vivid was traveling a lot for production and I was more of a studio girl, I really didn’t like the new wave it was going into. And then when HIV came to arise, I was immediately wearing condoms, and I just was like it wasn’t worth it, your health, I wanted more, you couldn’t make money…and after taxes it wasn’t worth it.”

On advice to younger girls wanting to get in the game:

“There’s so many ways to make money now, you don’t have to go into the adult business and have unprotected sex. If people took more control of their body, your body is your business. I come from a generation where your body is your temple and at the same time, you not supposed to give anything away for free. There has to be some things you hold sacred. In this generation, everyone wants to give everything away for free.”

You can catch up with Heather Hunter on her Twitter page @heatherhunter.

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